18 months of rigorous research, design and testing developed a smarter fire. Here are just a few of the key features that make our Smartfire a superior design.

    • Sloping floor – greater coal area – radiates more heat – easier to clean
    • Upright wood position – larger flame volume – radiates more heat
    • Insulated double skinned back – throws heat forwards, increases safety
    • High chimney – smoke rises clear – No smoke in your eyes.
    • Air void under fireplace – protects decks from heat.

Imagine a 500 degree celcius bed of hot coals that safely radiates heat to a dozen happy folk on a wooden deck! The genius of the Fireplace & Co.’s SmartFire does just that. The Fireplace & Co.’s vibrant R&D principles Peter and Anthony have trialled fourteen separate designs over eighteen months to perfect this innovation and the proof is in its staggering performance.

Its patented mechanism includes a sloping floor which multiplies the radiance of the 500 degree hot coal bed which is efficiently produced by its upright burning mechanism. Flame and heat rise, straight up, so the SmartFire holds the fire wood straight up for the coals to burn, The insulated inner-skin radiates heat from the flames extremely effectively also, whilst keeping the outside of the SmartFire safer.

While heating up your party the SmartFire magically takes care of the smoke. The down side of any fire is smoke in your eyes, but not the SmartFire. Getting rid of smoke whilst radiating maximum heat is the key to a great open fire and it’s all about achieving the right thermodynamics. This means getting the ratios between fire opening, throat area, smoke shelf size and smoke chamber volume exactly right. There is very little science available on this sort of thermo dynamics, because it involves such a broad range of variables.  Nights and nights and nights of testing in all conditions was the only way to get this right. Even on an exposed deck in breezy conditions where you’d never contemplate a fire, the SmartFire removes almost all the smoke away from the area which makes it ideal for lengthening your evenings.
Our SmartFire is guaranteed for ten years and we believe it’s the ultimate outdoor fireplace.

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