Are the fireplaces safe to put on a timber deck?

Yes, the maximum temperature they reach at the base is 60 degrees centigrade.

Can you put it under your verandah, pergola or in a shed?

Yes, it has a flue attachment that connects to a standard 200mm flue kit. A licensed plumber should be used for this installation.

Can I install the Smart Fire in my house?

Yes, a licensed builder can install it in your house as an open fire. It would require the flue attachment.

Can I move the Fireplace around or would it be to heavy?

The total weight of the unit is 62 kg and can be moved by two people.

Do I need a special type or size wood to place in the fire?

No, It accepts standard sized firewood from your local distributor

Do I have a choice of finishes when I order the Fireplace?

Yes, there are a broad range of colors available.  See the Specifications section of this website.

Will it ever rust?

It is made from “Coreten” steel, an architectural product designed to have a cosmetic rust finish. This material is low in carbon and high tensile, (similar to stainless steel but with better heat resistance). It will never rust out or burn out.

Do I need to fix the Fireplace down to the ground or floor?

Fixing it down does increase it’s stability but is optional and the unit is designed to be used as a freestanding unit.

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