Top 5 reasons why every household needs a Fire Oven

1. Cook gourmet meals in the comfort of your own home
Say goodbye to pricey and soggy pizzas delivered from a box. Element Fires has created an oven that will serve you Italian quality pizza and the finest range of breads, meats, seafood and desserts. Stay tuned for our Wood Fire Cooking tips and Recipes!
2. Spend your evenings sharing time around the fire rather than the TV
Sick of wasting your nights in front of a screen? Can’t get your kids away from their computer games? An outdoor fireplace is the best excuse to get out of the house and a perfect way to share those intimate moments with the family.
3. Turn your house into a modern outdoor oasis
Need to refurbish and revamp your backyard? Style your outdoor area with an Element Fire fireplace. With various colours and designs, we provide the perfect addition to any backyard.
4. Make your house the prime location every event
Give your friends an excuse to come to your house on a Friday night and impress them with a delicious home cooked meal. 
5. Keep Warm and Keep Calm
Keep warm in the winter months while saving money from your electricity and gas bills. Keep calm all year around by relaxing around the fire and enjoying the long sunsets.

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