The ultimate pizza oven experience

One feature of our open fire place is the pizza oven.

Finding a fire place that also serves as a woodfire pizza oven is rare to find. While you might find many DIY solutions online, these often end up taking more work to build, assemble and test, let alone cook the pizza to perfection.

With Element Fires, you can achieve a perfect pizza every time, without any building, assembling or fuss. Our open fire places are not only the perfect entertainers for a weekend pizza party, it can be used for the everyday dinner.

We used the pizza attachment for the frst time on Friday night, let’s just say we were more than impressed, the kids loved it too. – Harry, Bendigo

In only 3 minutes, you will have the ultimate woodfire pizza experience. In addition, with our fire places you can also cook stir fries, slow cook rotisserie meals and throw on some simple snags.

Interested in upgrading your open fire place? Contact us today to find out how.

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